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The Amazing Spiderman - Coming Home marks a reboot of Hachette's popular Ultimate Marvel Graphics Novel Collection.

The original partworks collection is due to finish in July this year and has run for 120 issues, but that wasn't always the plan. Originally a 60 part collection, Hachette took to a strange numbering system to fit 40 'classic' issues before the existing 60 issues labelling them Classics I - XXXX. Now with the reboot they have re-numbered all the editions making room for the 40 issues beforehand.

All of which means that issue 1 of the collection now comes with Book 61 instead of Book 21. Whether knowing there is 120 issues (almost £1200 worth of book) to collect will put people off of the collection is unknown, but if Hachette stick to the original release order it means readers won't be receiving Book 1 until issue 55 - which is about three years away from now.

Web Slinging Spiderman The books themselves are of a good quality - the covers look less desirable than the Eaglemoss DC Graphic Novel collection but they feel better to touch. The pages inside feel more like a comic book, and in this issue at least the double bleed comic panels don't get lost in to the hardback spine.

The book comes with a few extras including the original covers; an origins story; some information about the writer and artist; a gallery of rogues and concept art and a further reading section. Unfortunately there's no extra Silver Age/Golden Age stories like you find in the DC collection.

Coming Home was penned by J. Michael Straczynski (the creator and showrunner on Babylon 5 and, most recently, the writer on Netflix series Sense8) with art by John Romita Jr who were brought in to give a fresh perspective on Spider-Man after some poor stories in the 1990s.

Throughout the story, Peter Parker is well written coming off as a relatable, kind and funny superhero. We join Peter as he is going through some life changes. Mary Jane has left him and he has moved in to a new apartment.

Coming Home is really well written and had me hooked from start to finish. It's also a great starting point for anyone looking to get in to Spider-Man comics. As for value for money, the retail price of the paperback edition of the book is £11.99 on Amazon so at £1.99 this price is not to be sniffed at even if you don't go on to collect the whole set of novels. If you do go on to collect the set, you've got some great Spider-Man stories like Kraven's Last Hunt; Blue; Power and Responsibility; Spider-Man No More and Spider-Island coming up.

  • Well written
  • Gorgeous art
  • Parker is funny & relatable
  • Great starting point
  • Solid story

The Amazing Spiderman Coming Home was reviewed from a purchased retail copy.

Andrew Smith @andismith

Andrew is a LEGO geek and an avid collector. When he has some spare time he loves to indulge in a video game.

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    17 February 2016


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