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Imagine that the characters from DC Comics and Marvel came together to take part in a race.

Now imagine that race was less like Formula 1 and more like Wacky Races. The LEGO Mighty Micros series brings together characters from both universes and provides them with cars and weapons that would not look out of place in Mario Kart.

The series comprises of six sets, three are from the DC universe and three are from the Marvel universe. Each set includes two cars and two minifigures.

Like the Star Wars Microfighters before them, the Mighty Micros present the superheroes with minified vehicles. Those looking to increase their minifigure collection may be disappointed to hear that the minifigs all come with shortened, non-bendable legs presumably to make them fit with the scale of the vehicles.

The DC sets are Batman vs. Catwoman; Robin vs. Bane; and The Flash vs. Captain Cold. With the absence of other key DC characters like Superman and Wonder Woman it's not hard to imagine that in 12 months time we will be talking about a series 2. The Marvel sets are Captain America vs. Red Skull; Spider-Man vs Green Goblin and The Hulk vs. Ultron. We have taken a look at those sets in a separate review.

The DC Mighty Micros lineup The Minifigures

Each of the minifigures features the superheroes pulling a wacky facial expression. Except for Batman, of course, who still seems grumpy and is probably wondering how he's found himself involved in this mad race.

None of the minifigures have alternate faces so you are stuck with Bane's raised eyebrow and Robin's cheesy grin, but the expressions work well in the context of the vehicles and I found myself particularly liking Captain Cold's extreme smile.

Each of the minifigures has a detailed torso with print on both sides and each comes with an accessory or sometimes two. I particularly like Captain Cold's ice cream as I imagine he could use it like a banana skin to slip at a high speed Flash. Speaking of which, I'm not really sure why The Flash needs a car.

The Build

The good news is that each set comes with two builds. The bad news is that there's not many pieces to start with, so when you divide it by two it means there are very few steps.

  • The Batman vs. Catwoman set comes with 79 pieces.
  • Robin vs. Bane has 77 pieces.
  • The Flash vs. Captain Cold has 88 pieces.

A typical set The builds for the cars are fairly ordinary and unfortunately some are actually quite fragile. For example the bumpers on the front of Batman, Robin and Catwoman's cars aren't secured by a 4 x 1 brick which means quite often the bumpers just fall off when playing with or picking up the cars. The backs of some of the cars - particularly Bane and again Batman's - are just as fragile.

Despite that some of the cars include nice features such as Catwoman's car having a tail or the snow plough on Captain Cold's vehicle.

Once built the cars look pretty good and would work well in a display, particularly if they do release further series in the future.

Batman vs. Catwoman


The Mighty Micro sets offer a cost effective way to get a number of vehicles and minifigures to form a superhero team with. The main failing point of the series and the one that has upset LEGO fans seems to be the shortened legs for each of the characters. Inside the cars it works, but unfortunately it doesn't work so well using the figures as standalone.

My favourite set of the DC Mighty Micros is The Flash vs. Captain Cold. The cars are more robust than other sets and the builds were quite enjoyable.

If you're a fan of collecting LEGO series' this is a cheap way to add to your collection, just don't expect too much.

Check out our review for the LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros sets.

  • Cheap new collection
  • 2 Minifigures with each set
  • 2 vehicles with each set
  • The Flash set is the best of the bunch
  • Chibi minifigures
  • The Batmobile is so fragile

LEGO DC Mighty Micros was reviewed from a purchased retail copy.

Andrew Smith @andismith

Andrew is a LEGO geek and an avid collector. When he has some spare time he loves to indulge in a video game.

  • Price (uk):
    £8.99 each
  • Price (us):
    $9.99 each
  • Bricks:
    Varies (around 80)


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