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The new LEGO Mighty Micros collection pits chibi characters from both the DC Comics and Marvel universes against each other in mini vehicles.

The series comprises of six sets, three from DC and three from Marvel. Each set includes two cars and two minifigures.

The Marvel sets are Captain America vs. Red Skull; Spider-Man vs Green Goblin and The Hulk vs. Ultron, while the DC Comics sets are Batman vs. Catwoman; Robin vs. Bane; and The Flash vs. Captain Cold. We've previously reviewed the DC sets, so let's take a look at the Marvel sets.

The Marvel Mighty Micros lineup The Minifigures

As with the DC sets, each of the minifigures has shortened legs and features the superheroes pulling a wacky facial expression often showing lots of teeth. The heads only have one expression with no second face on the back. The torsos are printed on both sides.

The accessories with the minifigures aren't as interesting as the ones for DC. The Red Skull holds a 1 x 1 transparent brick meant to represent the cube, Hulk holds a chicken leg while Ultron holds a spanner.

The Build

Each of the sets comes with very few pieces which when split between two builds means there is not a lot to them.

  • The Captain America vs. Red Skull set comes with 95 pieces and a set of stickers.
  • Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin has 85 pieces.
  • Hulk vs. Ultron has 80 pieces.

A typical set Despite the low number of pieces, the builds for some of the cars were much more interesting than the ones for DC with a more varied style of car.

The Red Skull vehicle was a big highlight, and the extra 10-15 pieces in this set really made a difference to how fun Red Skull's tank is to build. The accompanying Captain America tank was a little disappointing as the turret does not rotate, but it was still an unusual design compared to the other vehicles.

Captain America vs. Red Skull The Hulk vs. Ultron set was also rather interesting with a number of pieces building up Ultron's vehicle in to the menacing machine he is destined to drive, and the Hulk's car has his big fists which I found pretty amusing.

With the DC Comics set, the problem vehicle was Batman's Batmobile as it felt like the car would just fall apart with vry some light play. Happily here each vehicle seems a lot more robust, although you should expect the Hulk's engine to pop off often.

Instead, the problem set with Marvel Mighty Micros is the Spider-Man vs. Green Goblin set. The Spider-Man vehicle is a bit of a mess. The vehicle itself is rear-heavy thanks to its helicopter style design. Although it looks cool, the helicopter rear and blades means it struggles to stay standing on it's own four wheels. Often it just falls backward. Also Spider-Man himself is expected to stand inside the vehicle but trying to remove the minifigure at any time will more than likely remove the brick inside the car that he is standing on too as there is just nothing else holding it in. Happily, the Green Goblin's vehicle is quite robust and works well.

Falling over Conclusion

The Mighty Micro sets offer a cost effective way to get hold of a number of Marvel characters albeit with shortened legs. Inside the cars you can't tell the legs are shortened so it works compared to the rest of the build size, but unfortunately it doesn't work so well using the figures as standalone. If you try to stand Spider-Man with his camera on a flat (non-studded) surface for example, he just falls over. A bit like his car.

Generally, the Marvel set is pretty fun. The Captain America and Hulk sets are sure to keep both fans and kids happy, it's just a bit of a shame about the Spider-Man set.

As we said for the DC Comics Mighty Micros, these vehicles make a great cheap collection but you get what you pay for.

Check out our review for the LEGO DC Mighty Micros sets.

  • Cheap new collection
  • 2 Minifigures with each set
  • 2 vehicles with each set
  • Slightly better overall than the DC ones
  • Chibi minifigures
  • Spiderman vehicle is not great

LEGO Marvel Mighty Micros was reviewed from a purchased retail copy.

Andrew Smith @andismith

Andrew is a LEGO geek and an avid collector. When he has some spare time he loves to indulge in a video game.

  • Price (uk):
    £8.99 each
  • Price (us):
    $9.99 each
  • Bricks:
    Varies (around 85)


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