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The Marvel Movie Collection is Eaglemoss' brand new movie figurine collection.

Each issue will come with a 1/16th scale figurine based on a character from the Marvel Cinematic Universe starting with Iron Man in issue one, then Black Widow, Captain America and Thor.

Accompanying the figurine is a magazine that details the character and the actor who portrays them, together with a breakdown of a scene from the movie the figurine is from. Issue one also includes a rather nice Marvel movies poster.

The partworks collection starts at £3.99 for issue one and £6.99 for issue two with subsequent issues costing £12.99 every fortnight.

Back when the collection was announced, we were pretty excited about the quality of the sculpt and the superbly detailed hand painting.

Looking in our local newsagents to pick up a copy, we couldn't help be a little disappointed at the wasted potential - and a little sad about the amount of time someone has spent crafting and painting these figurines for them to be ruined at a later stage.

Five fingers, count 'em!

Firstly, Iron Man seems to have a problem keeping his fingers. We saw models with one, two, even five fingers missing. Those fingers were floating about in the box, so it looks like there has been a problem during delivery to stores.

Secondly, Tony Stark's face has changed from what was previously advertised and judging by the figurine used in the magazine, the pull-out and the television advertisements it appears to have been a rather late change. The sculpt of his head and arm has been changed to a slightly different pose, but his face is painted very differently to what was previously shown. Some of the figures in the store had very wonky faces. It all looks a little less Tony Stark.

Thirdly, the painting on the rest of the figurine is a bit careless. Lines have been painted over, and small details look like the wrong size brush has been used. Looking at the original model, lots of details have been missed altogether. Part of me wants to put this down to the sheer number of Iron Man figurines that have had to be painted. Mass producing as many as they have (mine is number 193,598 apparently) could never have resulted in tighter quality control and there are probably some very tired painters out there.

The paintwork is a little clumsy in places

Looking online, it appears I am not alone in my findings. There are reports on Facebook and Twitter of broken figures up and down the country.

The benefit of the first issue of course is that you have a choice of figurine to buy from your local shop and you can pick the best one. I managed to bag myself a Tony Stark with all it's fingers AND with a decent face but there's a few scuffs down the side of the figure.

Tony Stark on the left is as advertised, Tony Stark on the right is as purchased

For £3.99, you can't really complain. At the price of a coffee, you can have a rather nice figurine of Tony Stark.

But it does create a bit of a dilemma. The standard price for each figurine will be £12.99 and £21.99 for larger figures like The Hulk. The quality needs to be significantly better to charge that kind of price. It is likely the number of figures produced for subsequent figurines will drop off as is often the case with these partworks, so potentially the quality will improve.

But will people who've had similar experiences purchasing their copy of issue one be brave enough to subscribe with the chance they will receive a broken/badly painted figure?

Personally, I'm holding out from subscribing for the moment. Let's see if the quality of issue two's Black Widow is any better.

  • Very good value for money at £3.99
  • Figurine is a good weight
  • Choose the best one in store
  • Not as well crafted as advertised
  • Hand painters seem tired

Marvel Movie Collection - Iron Man was reviewed from a purchased retail copy.

Andrew Smith @andismith

Andrew is a LEGO geek and an avid collector. When he has some spare time he loves to indulge in a video game.

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