Sadly this isn't a page about chocolate chip cookies, or your favourite flavour Oreo cookie. Instead it is a page all about how we use cookies on our site.

Cookies are little pieces of information that are stored on your computer between sessions to provide a better experience - either through remembering something you've done, or by informing us on how you're using the site.

We don't use very many cookies on The Collector, so here's a breakdown of what they do:

Necessary Cookies

necessary - We use this cookie to remember whether you said yes or no to necessary functionality. For example, to determine whether to show you the message about whether you want to use cookies or not. If you hit the Reject All button, then we will not store this information meaning you see the cookie bar each time you visit (we tried to keep it small).

functional - We use this cookie to enhance your experience on the site by reducing load times and or providing contextual information.

statistics - We use this cookie to remember whether you said yes or no to statistics functionality (see below to see what that does).

Functional Cookies

country - We store the country you are located in so we can display the correct regionalised stores on our product pages. The links we show are decided locally on your machine. We don't send this information to our servers.

Statistical Cookies

_g* - We use Google Analytics to understand how popular we aren't, and to see what content is getting the most interest. This helps us to write content more focused on what you like, and less about the stuff you don't. (the asterisk means cookies starting with _g are from Google Analytics)

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