Go Big or Go Home with These New NINJAGO Crystalized LEGO Sets

Mega sized NINJAGO


LEGO have unveiled two GIANT new NINJAGO sets launching this summer - Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon and Nya's Samurai X MECH.

Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon includes a four headed golden dragon ready for battle with wings that turn in to blades.

Meanwhile Nya's Samurai X MECH - the bigger set at 1,003 pieces - includes a giant mech robot with stylish red, blue, gold and black design. It stands at over 12.5 in. (32cm) tall.

Official descriptions below.

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LEGO Ninjago Lloyd’s Golden Ultra Dragon

  • set: 71774
  • pieces: 989
  • minifigures: 9
  • Availability: Jun 1, 2022

The dragon playset includes NINJAGO’s biggest ever dragon, featuring 4 heads, highly posable legs and tail, and a pair of wings that unfolds into 3 blades – all in gold!

This building set is packed with 9 minifigures: an exclusive Golden Oni Lloyd; Golden Cole, Golden Zane, Golden Kai and Golden Jay, who are all armed with their elemental golden weapons; Crystal King; 2 Vengestone Brutes; and a Vengestone Warrior.

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LEGO Ninjago Nya's Samurai X Mech

  • set: 71775
  • pieces: 1,003
  • minifigures: 8
  • Availability: Jun 1, 2022

The toy playset includes an impressive mech, featuring posable knees, arms, legs and hips; 2 swords; 2 spring-loaded shooters; and a cockpit for Nya.

This set is crammed with 8 minifigures: Samurai X Nya, Golden Jay, Master Wu, Oni Garmadon, Lil’ Nelson, General Pythor, The Mechanic and Vengestone Warrior. Many of theseare exclusive, never-seen-before models, all primed to play out exciting battles!

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The sets launch June 1st.

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