Build a Lunar Research Base Next March

Taking off in 2022


There are a wealth of new LEGO City sets arriving in 2022 including a number of space themed builds such as the Rocket Launch Center and the Lunar Research Base. Based on the future of space travel, these new sets are sure to get enthusiasts and younger children excited about the future of space travel.

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LEGO City Lunar Research Base

  • set: 60350
  • pieces: 786
  • minifigures: 6
  • Availability: Out now

Inspired by the NASA Artemis mission which will build a base camp on the surface on the Moon; this LEGO set takes the details from that space mission to recreate something that can help to educate kids on the future of space travel.

The set includes a domed accommodation module with laboratories, garage and air lock.

It'll also include a number of vehicles for getting about such as the lunar lander, VIPER rover, skycrane drone and moon buggy.

It will retail for $119.99 / £89.99 when it releases on March 1st.

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LEGO City Rocket Launch Center

  • set: 60351
  • pieces: 1,010
  • minifigures: 7
  • Availability: Out now

The Rocket Launch Center set is filled with NASA-inspired features.

It includes a ~30cm tall launch tower and 42cm tall rocket which can house 2 astronauts ready for lift off.

It launches on March 1st for $149.99 / £124.99

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