DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection

Eaglemoss' DC Comics Graphic Novel Collection hits the UK!


Comprised of 60 glossy hardback books, the Eaglemoss DC Comics collection promises to share some of the greatest super hero adventures together with an introduction providing context and explaining what makes the story special.

Each book also contains a reprint of a classic story that provides background to the DC Universe, such as the first appearance of the Justice League or Batman and Superman's first encounter.

The books will be released in volume order, with a panoramic picture featured on the spine.

Subscribing to the collection offers a number of extra bonus gifts:

  • A facsmilie edition of Action Comics #1 will be provided with the first delivery. A free DC Comics metallic bookmark will be provided with the second delivery. A tin plate cover will arrive with the fourth delivery. A second tin plate cover will arrive with the sixth delivery. 2 free bookends will arrive with the eighth delivery.
  • Books are released fortnightly, but subscribers will receive them in batches of two every month.

There is also a subscriber exclusive set of Green Lantern saga books available for an extra £1 per book (roughly £20 per book).

Stay tuned to this site for reviews and details of each of the books and free gifts.

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