Hope for Brickheadz #57 Geoffrey the Giraffe Release

Could the lost Brickheadz set return?


Brickheadz fans who have been missing number 57 from their complete collection have a little bit of hope for a release with an announcement made this week.

Back in 2018 when new LEGO Brickheadz seemed to be released every week and LEGO had a regular partnership with the toy chain Toys R' Us, a special set #40316 was assigned to the Toy R' Us mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe.

Due to be an exclusive set to the toy store, when the Toys R' Us chain announced its sudden closure in 2018, all hopes for the release of the LEGO Brickheadz #57 set were lost.


At the time, eagle eyed LEGO fans were quick to spot that the instructions for the set were uploaded to the LEGO site, but sadly those have since been removed. (You can find a copy at the Brick Blogger).

In the years between, some builders have made their own versions of Geoffrey to fill the gap in their collection, like this build from Reddit user titan204x.


Unfortunately, the set included some printed pieces which are not available so LEGO creators have either had to use stickers from other sets or omit the stickers altogether.

But with news that Toys R' Us stores are returning to both the US and UK in 2022, the possibility of an official Geoffrey the Giraffe Brickheadz has returned.

Could 2022 be the year this set is finally released and fills the gap in everyone's collection? For Brickheadz collectors worldwide, we can but hope...

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