LEGO Announces 9,090 Piece Titanic Ship Model - The Second Largest LEGO Set Ever

Built not to sink


Today LEGO have officially revealed the LEGO Titanic - a 9,090 piece 1:200 scale masterpiece which measures 1.35m (4 foot) long.

The LEGO Titanic faithfully recreates the features of the now sunken ship from its maiden voyage - from the ship's bridge to promenade deck to the swimming pool to the 300 portholes.


The ship can be divided in to three sections to give you a detailed view of the interior. You'll be able to see cross-sections of the interior with the grand staircase, boiler room and more.

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LEGO Titanic

  • set: 10294
  • pieces: 9,090
  • minifigures: 0
  • Availability: Out now

This colossal Titanic ship model makes a historical collectible display piece and comes with a display stand to support each section. Add the "Titanic" name plaque to the bow for the perfect finishing touch.

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The ship also contains a number of working parts. Turning the propellers will allow you to see the piston engines turn inside. You can adjust the tension line running between the masts; and the anchor can be raised and lowered.


Sadly there is no Rose and Jack mini-figure provided, so you'll have to supply your own.

The LEGO Titanic goes on sale on 1st November and will cost $629.99 US, $799.99 CAD and £569.99 UK.

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