LEGO Reveals Biggest Minecraft Set to Date

An entire village


LEGO have revealed the latest addition to their Minecraft range and it's their biggest official set to date - LEGO Minecraft: The Village.

The set provides you with a massive 1600 bricks to construct your village - which consists of a marketplace, library, watchtower, blacksmith, butcher, well and a farm across several biomes.


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LEGO Minecraft The Village

  • set: 21128
  • pieces: 1,600
  • minifigures: 9
  • Availability: Retired

The set comes with Alex and Steve player minifigures, together with 2 villagers; a zombie village; a zombie, a creeper; an enderman; an Iron Golem; a pig and a baby pig.

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Minecraft: The Village goes on sale in June.

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