LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT Launches Today

The giant walker has finally arrived!


Since it's announcement earlier this month, LEGO Star Wars fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the Ultimate Collectors Series AT-AT walker; and as of midnight tonight it is now available for general release.

At 6,785 pieces the AT-AT is the second biggest LEGO Star Wars set ever released, and the fifth largest LEGO set of all time.


The set is yours for $799.99 / £699.99 / € 799.99. For residents of the UK you'll notice that's £50 less than originally announced after LEGO decided to revise their pricing.

Fans who purchase the UCS AT-AT set this weekend will also be lucky enough to get a bonus gift - Luke Skywalker's lightsaber.

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LEGO Star Wars UCS AT-AT Walker

  • set: 75313
  • pieces: 6,785
  • minifigures: 9
  • Availability: Out now

The posable 6,785 piece LEGO Star Wars AT-AT measures over 62 cm (24.5 inches) high and can house up to 40 minifigures!

The set comes with 9 minifigures including 4 Snow Troopers, a Snow Trooper Commander, 2 AT-AT pilots, General Veers and Luke Skywalker.

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A battle pack of LEGO Snowtroopers will be released in January should you need help assembling your army.

If you do decide to buy this set, we hope you have an amazing time building it - but please make sure you budget enough to have a wonderful Christmas too!

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