Ninjas Can Train at the New NINJAGO Dojo Temple In January

The snake warriors are coming


Today LEGO revealed 8 new LEGO NINJAGO sets releasing in January 2022 and among them was The Ninja Dojo Temple - a 1,394 piece 3 tiered temple where our NINJAGO friends can train for battle.

The impressive dojo temple comes is decorated with wooden frames and dark green and gold roofing tiles and has a giant red door to keep the enemy out. Outside there is a rocky staircase leading up to the entrance and red bridge for a quick escape. Inside the dojo there is a training area and 5 rooms, including Wu’s tearoom, Pixal’s workshop and an armory.

The ninjas will need all the practice they can get to defeat the snake warriors giant mech which has come to attack the temple.

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LEGO NINJAGO Ninja Dojo Temple

  • set: 71767
  • pieces: 1,394
  • minifigures: 8
  • Availability: Out now

The set comes with 8 minifigures - Master Wu, Cole, Kai, Lloyd, Nya and Pixal, plus the snakes Boa Destructor and Cobra Mechanic with their rammer vehicle, to play out battle clashes

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At 1,394 pieces, the set joins our list for the Biggest LEGO NINJAGO sets ever.

Additionally, each set released in January contains a collectible banner LEGO piece to prove your NINJAGO minifigures have passed their training.

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