The Ultimate Guide to LEGO Bargins This Black Friday

Seek out a bargin!


The time is almost upon us for Black Friday 2021 and there are sure to be a number of LEGO bargins available this year.

Check out our guide to what to look out for if you're looking for a decent price on a wished for set.

Bookmark this page as we will update as we find new deals!

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LEGO Black Friday deals run from 26th - 29th November.

  • Gifts with purchase include a Holiday Tree for in-store purchases over £40 and Santa's Front Yard set for purchases over £170.
  • Luke Skywalker's lightsaber is an additional gift for anyone picking up the UCS AT-AT.
  • On Cyber Monday (29th Nov) only, you'll be able to pick up LEGO discounts with fewer VIP points.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers have now concluded.


Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers have now concluded.

John Lewis

Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers have now concluded.

Smyths Toys

Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers have now concluded.

What to Expect

It's far likelier that LEGO sets due for retirement at the end of the year are reduced.

LEGO Home Alone, Titanic and Pirates of Barracuda Bay have all sold out for the holidays, so don't expect to be able to pick any of these sets up online over the VIP weekend, and they won't be discounted.

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