What's New in LEGO January 2022

Hope you saved that Christmas money...


There's a lot of new LEGO sets kicking off the new year. Almost 100 sets with a combined total of more than 50,000 bricks will be launching this January.

Let's take a look at some of our favourites...

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LEGO Creator Boutique Hotel

  • set: 10297
  • pieces: 3,066
  • minifigures: 7
  • Availability: Out now

The latest LEGO Modular set - the 3,066 piece Boutique Hotel - goes on sale January 1st.

Featuring unusual triangular geometry and some great European hotel decor, this three-floor set is packed with all the details you'd expect your LEGO minifigures to need to have a great vacation.

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LEGO Friends Friendship Tree House

  • set: 41703
  • pieces: 1,114
  • minifigures: 4
  • Availability: Out now

Picture a treehouse with all the play possibilities you could imagine and you may come up with something similar to this new LEGO Friends build which is part of a range to celebrate the themes 10th anniversary.

Featuring swings, slides, and a tree house with all kinds of rooms linked by an elevator, there's a lot to build and play with here.

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LEGO BrickHeadz Ahsoka Tano

  • set: 40539
  • pieces: 164
  • minifigures: 0
  • Availability: Out now

The long awaited Ahsoka Tano Brickheadz set will finally launch on January 1st.

Based on the characters' Clone Wars look, Ahsoka Tano was voted for by Brickheadz fans as the choice for the 150th set.

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LEGO Monkie Kid The City of Lanterns

  • set: 80036
  • pieces: 2,187
  • minifigures: 9
  • Availability: Out now

The latest city set in the Monkie Kid series looks like it'll quickly become a fan favourite.

Full of bright colours, interesting features and some nods toward LEGO's 90th anniversary, there's more than a slight resemblance to the LEGO NINJAGO modular sets. Therefore, this set is sure to surprise and delight anyone who purchases it.

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LEGO Technic BMW M 1000 RR

  • set: 42130
  • pieces: 1,920
  • minifigures: 0
  • Availability: Out now

Build your own sports motorcycle with this detailed LEGO TECHNIC 1:5 scale model of the BMW M 1000 RR.

Features include a functional 3-speed (+ neutral) gearbox, steering, front and rear suspension, chain transmission and inline 4-piston engine.

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LEGO Iron Man Mech Armour

  • set: 76203
  • pieces: 130
  • minifigures: 0
  • Availability: Out now

Fans of Marvel and Tony Stark will be excited to get their hands on the new Iron Man Mech Armour when it releases on January 1st.

Unfortunately, the two other Marvel mech sets for Wolverine and Black Panther have been delayed due to structural issues, but we hope to see them later in the year.

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LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog - Green Hill Zone

  • set: 21331
  • pieces: 1,125
  • minifigures: 1
  • Availability: Out now

Take a trip back to the 1990s with this LEGO Sonic the Hedgehog set, which is based in the Green Hill Zone.

Hop on the badniks and collect the rings as you face Dr Robotnik and save the day!

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LEGO NINJAGO Ninja Dojo Temple

  • set: 71767
  • pieces: 1,394
  • minifigures: 8
  • Availability: Out now

The NINJAGO team are back in training with this excellent Ninja Dojo temple which releases January 1st.

There's lots to play and do over its three levels and multiple rooms.

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LEGO Luigi’s Mansion Haunt-and-Seek Expansion Set

  • set: 71401
  • pieces: 877
  • minifigures:
  • Availability: Out now

January also sees the arrival of the new LEGO Luigi's Mansion sets, including this hide-and-seek mansion with rotating hallway. Using LEGO Luigi or Mario you can battle ghosts or go gem hunting, and help your friend Toad.

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LEGO Creator Majestic Tiger

  • set: 31129
  • pieces: 755
  • minifigures:
  • Availability: Out now

Finally, this incredible LEGO tiger goes for sale on January 1st. The tiger toy has a detailed orange and black striped body and can move its head, jaw, tail, legs and shoulders.

The set can also be built in to two other animals - a red panda and a koi fish.

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