Complete Guide to the LEGO Harry Potter Gold Minifigures

How to collect and complete the 20th anniversary collection of golden minifigures


To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the LEGO Harry Potter theme, LEGO have released 9 golden minifigures representing unforgettable characters from the Wizarding World across 7 LEGO sets.

The very first Harry Potter sets launched in 2001 to coincide with the first movie release - Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. In the years since, we have now had over 110 different Harry Potter themed LEGO sets.

If you're looking to collect the limited edition gold minifigures, here is the complete list of all the LEGO Harry Potter sets you'll need to buy to collect the series.

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Harry Potter - Hogwarts Polyjuice Potion Mistake

  • set: 76386
  • pieces: 217
  • minifigures: 4
  • Availability: Out now

To obtain your golden copy of the Harry Potter minifigure, you'll first need to pick up the inexpensive set 76386 - Hogwarts: Polyjuice Potion Mistake.

In this set we join Harry, Ron and Hermione as they brew Polyjuice potions in the Hogwarts bathrooms. Harry and Ron are able to transform in to Vincent and Gregory - however, Hermione is transformed in to a cat!

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Hermione Granger - Fluffy Encounter

  • set: 76387
  • pieces: 397
  • minifigures: 4
  • Availability: Out now

From the first film, we have our favourite three magicians trying to escape from a rather excellent posable 3-headed Fluffy dog figurine. The set itself includes a trap door and tangled tentacles that should also be approached with caution.

Hermione Granger is the golden minifigure in this set.

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Ron Weasley - Hogsmeade Village Visit

  • set: 76388
  • pieces: 851
  • minifigures: 7
  • Availability: Out now

This slightly more expensive set is where you'll find the golden version of Ron Weasley.

With 851 pieces, there's lots to build here with versions of both Honeydukes Sweet Shop and The Three Broomsticks pub.

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Voldemort - Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets

  • set: 76389
  • pieces: 1,176
  • minifigures: 11
  • Availability: Out now

At 1176 pieces, the Chamber of Secrets contains a lot of nods to the Harry Potter film of the same name. There's 10 minifigures in this set as well as the Basilisk snake which can appear from behind the large statued head located in the chamber.

Lord Voldemort is given the golden treatment in this set.

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Professor Quirrell - First Flying Lesson

  • set: 76395
  • pieces: 264
  • minifigures: 4
  • Availability: Out now

The First Flying Lesson set has all you need to train your LEGO minifigures in the sport of Quidditch; and somewhere to store the trophies when they win.

It also contains Professor Quirrel in golden minifigure form.

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Severus Snape - Wizards Chess

  • set: 76392
  • pieces: 876
  • minifigures: 4
  • Availability: Out now

Severus Snape's golden minifigure can be found in this LEGO Harry Potter chess set, a recreation of one of the most memorable scenes in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

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Professor Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and Hagrid - Hogwarts Icons

  • set: 76391
  • pieces: 3,010
  • minifigures: 3
  • Availability: Out now

Professor Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall and Rubeus Hagrid are the final three gold minifigures which can be found in the LEGO Hogwarts Icons set.

Hedwig the owl sits on top of this set of multiple iconic artefacts from the Harry Potter series - such as Tom Riddle's diary; Ron's chocolate frog; the Golden Snitch and an invitation to Hogwarts.

This already beautiful set also allows you to complete your collection with a 20th anniversary stand that can house all 9 minifigures.

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