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Sunday, 9 May is Mother's Day!

Why not say thank you or I love you Mom with a more unusual gift with a little more thought than usual this year?

We've collated a list of five great LEGO sets sure to put a smile on Mom's face both during build time and when on display.

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LEGO Flower Bouquet

  • Set: 10280
  • Pieces: 756

Say it with flowers with this beautiful LEGO flower bouquet which is sure to bring a smile to any Mom's face.

The set comes with 15 stems to allow for a mix of flower and leaf varieties including LEGO roses, daisies and asters. The stems are adjustable and bendable to fit any vase or container.

You can pick up this bouquet for $49.99.

Beautiful LEGO flowers for Mother's Day

LEGO Friends Central Perk

  • Set: 21319
  • Pieces: 1070

If you're Mum is a 90s Mum, then there's a good chance she is a massive fan of the sitcom Friends.

This wonderful LEGO recreation of Central Perk comes with the iconic couch and café surroundings packed full of detail.

For the Friends fan in your household

LEGO Mickey Mouse/Minnie Mouse Art

  • Set: 31202
  • Pieces: 2658

If your Mom is a fan of Mickey or Minnie Mouse, then this LEGO Art set will allow them to spend some rejuvenation time assembling a tile picture that can be displayed on a shelf or the wall.

As you build, your Mom can listen to the included soundtrack and learn more about the iconic characters.

This set retails for $119.99

Display Mickey or Minnie in this inventive artwork

Buy online

LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall

  • Set: 75954
  • Pieces: 878

If you're Mom is a Harry Potter fan, then why not buy her one of the most memorable set pieces from Harry Potter - The Hogwarts Great Hall?

The Great Hall features lots of great features from the films and a 4-level tower features movable Grand Staircase spiral steps at its base, potions room, treasure room and roosting spot for Fawkes.

Get Mom something unusual with this LEGO Harry Potter set

Buy online

LEGO Fiat 500

  • Set: 10271
  • Pieces: 960

This cute Fiat 500 is the perfect gift for kids looking for something different to give their Mom this year.

Featuring plenty of Italian charm, the set features a luggage rack, suitcase, detailed interior, engine, spare wheel and opening roof, doors, hood and tailgate. There’s even a small LEGO painting of the car by the Colosseum to complete the Italian feel.

LEGO Fiat 500

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