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What does the fox say?

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LEGO Minecraft reaches its 9th year in 2022 and as the theme matures, it is great to see LEGO try new things.

Last year LEGO released a bright pink Pig House which players could hide inside from the included creeper, and this year they've released a lodge shaped like a Fox - possibly the cutest LEGO Minecraft set ever released.

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With some of the previous LEGO Minecraft releases I've found that the builds sometimes feel a little underwhelming to those of us who don't obsess over Minecraft; but happily this build should delight fans and non-fans alike.

The Fox Lodge set is a three-sided wall design with an exposed rear and removable roof. It comes with lots of Minecraft furnishings such as a bed, furnace, crafting table, map, cake and flower pot. As well as the Fox shaped building, the set includes 3 different foxes - adult, arctic and baby - as well as a hero in a Fox outfit and a drowned zombie (sadly not dressed as a fox).

The Fox Lodge has 5 stars on AirBnB

For a small 193 piece set, there's quite a lot to do here. This is in part thanks to the chunky size of the bricks. There are 9 4x2 and 11 6x2 orange bricks; and 5 4x2 and 5 6x2 white bricks included. As such, a small number of bricks goes a long way to build the structure.

My Minecraft fanatical 6 year old had a great time building this set. The chunky bricks made building straightforward for him; although the external torch and flowers kept getting knocked over as he placed bricks down (maybe do those parts last). He was particularly excited when he figured out what the cake was. And after some play, went off to try to replicate the build in Minecraft itself.

Overall, the set is a great addition to the Minecraft range. Let's hope the animal theme continues in to next year!

The exposed rear is where your LEGO minifigs can hide for safety.

  • It’s super cute
  • One of the better looking Minecraft sets
  • A great way to get a lot of chunky orange and white LEGO bricks



Lots to build considering the small piece count



It looks so cute, but the rest of the exterior is a little lacking



There's a full set of Minecraft blocks here for maximum play



There's some chunky bricks in this set


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