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Let there be Carnage

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In 2020, LEGO released several displayable helmets as part of a new adult range. This year they've expanded the collection to include Batman's cowl, and two heads/busts - Venom and Carnage.

The Carnage head we're building here is based on the comics, but it's not hard to see why Venom and Carnage have been released in 2021 looking at what's currently showing in the cinema.

Releasing a characters' head as a bust in LEGO presents new challenges versus a helmet. There are more organic shapes to contend with in this build. So how does LEGO Carnage fair?

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We're pleased to say, it works quite well. If you've previously built the Venom bust, then there will be lots that's familiar here. Minus the tongue, Carnage has very similar - if not the same build - for the head, eyes, jaw and teeth.

The set is built over 3 parts each consisting of 2 numbered bags. The interior of Carnage is fairly colourful, keeping it as lightweight but sturdy as possible to make the bust strong; whilst the exterior is a mix of red and black elements. There's not much detail on the back of the head, but the front makes up for it with the teeth being a standout for this model.

On the downside this set includes quite a few stickers. Some pieces require more than one sticker, and you'll need to ensure you place some fairly obscure designs the right way round to ensure your final LEGO Carnage looks as intended.

There's been some comments online around the asymmetric eyes on the bust - but in person it doesn't really seem to be a problem and helps the set feel more organic.

Carnage is a good looking LEGO bust

If you're a fan of Carnage, or the new Venom movie, then this set will look great on your window sill or shelf. As with most of the LEGO busts, they look better in person than they do in photographs.

The build took us around 90 minutes to complete. About 10 minutes of that was stressing over sticker placement...

The jaw protrudes a little unnaturally from the side.

  • Great for fans of Carnage and the new Venom movie
  • Very similar to the Venom bust
  • There’s a lot of stickers



It's a straightforward build with nothing too challenging here



Carnage looks great, particularly next to Venom



As with the whole collection, there's not much playability here



There are lots of red and black elements in this set

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