LEGO Doctor Who Review

Who gets the LEGO treatment?


Doctor Who fans across the world, it's time to rejoice! You can now build the TARDIS in LEGO - inside and out!

This 625 piece set comprises of the iconic blue police box that has graced our TV screens for over 50 years - the TARDIS - together with the traditional large interior console room. The set also includes four minifigures AND two Daleks. Exterminate! Exterminate!

As with all the LEGO Ideas sets, the Doctor Who set comes in a beautifully constructed box. With the Ideas range, it's possible to access and build the set without damaging the box - allowing you to keep the boxes pristine.

Inside you'll find a beautiful spine-bound LEGO manual which also includes a selection of Doctor Who trivia. The LEGO is divided in to separate plastic bags but a lack of numbering means you'll want to open them all before beginning the build.

The set includes four minifigures:

  • The 12th Doctor - Peter Capaldi
  • The 11th Doctor - Matt Smith
  • Clara Oswald - The Doctor's Assistant
  • and a Weeping Angel

The 12th Doctor is dressed in a stylish purple waistcoat and comes with a sonic screwdriver.

The 11th Doctor is dressed in his traditional brown tweed jacket but there are sadly no elbow patches. He also can be equipped with a sonic screwdriver and also comes with a Fez.

Each of the figures comes with two facial expressions, except for the 12th Doctor. The Weeping Angel's alternate face is quite scary!

Clara Oswald comes dressed in a tartan skirt, and uses the new two tone LEGO legs that have started to appear in the last few months.

The main build consists of 2 main parts separated by a Dalek interlude.

If you're a fan of red and green bricks, then this set may not be for you as the entire set consists mostly of navy blue, black and two shades of grey. But it's a great set to pick up a lot of navy bricks.

As is usually the case with LEGO Ideas sets, there are no stickers in this set. Any extra detail is printed directly on to the bricks.

Following the instructions, first we build the interior of the TARDIS and the console that drives the police box through space.

Building the actual console was a lot of fun and was one of the most enjoyable builds I have done for some time. Constructing the different pieces together that are required to bring the central column of the console together was both interesting and fun to do. Each of the console panels is different so there is very little repetition.

Next up were the two Daleks, both a golden colour.

Finally, we build the crown of the set - the LEGO TARDIS exterior in it's iconic navy blue.

The TARDIS sits on a 7 x 7 base with 24 window panes making up the walls. It's a sturdy build that will take some rough play thanks to the way it is masterfly put together. The TARDIS can be opened up from behind which allows it to be connected to the interior, or it can be played with on its own; but unfortunately the front door of the TARDIS does not open.

At $60/£50 (9c/8p per brick) this set works out at fairly good value. The build is certainly very interesting and lots of fun.

As with previous LEGO Ideas sets, this set is likely to significantly increase in value once it has been discontinued.

  • Sturdy build
  • Good value for money
  • Great fun to build
  • Great packaging



Fun build



As an exposed play set it may not display too well, but the Daleks will!



The TARDIS is great to play with



A great value set sure to increase in price after retirement

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