LEGO UCS Millennium Falcon Review

The ultimate Star Wars build

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A long time ago, in the galaxy we live in, LEGO and Lucasfilm reached a deal which allowed for the production and distribution of LEGO sets themed around the Star Wars movies. Back when that deal was first signed, I wonder if anyone could imagine how successful the union would be, and how big the LEGO sets would become. At the time of writing, the Falcon contains the most LEGO pieces of any LEGO Star Wars set ever.

And let’s get this clear from the start - the LEGO Millennium Falcon is massive. If you think the box it comes in is big, then you’re in for a surprise once the ship is complete.

The set, complete with it’s ring binder coffee table instruction manual, gently teases you about how large it’s going to be as you start to build the doubled-up Technic frame that will support the 7,000+ pieces of LEGO you will attach to it.

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The sheer scale of the ship makes it an absolute joy to build and enjoy. Thanks to the Millennium Falcon’s design containing very little symmetry there’s very little repetition during the build. The ship is choked full of detail and fun building techniques throughout to keep you entertained .

You’ll experience surprise and delight as you discover the part you’ve been building for the last hour is from your fondest scenes in Star Wars; or it hooks to the frame in a way you didn’t even think possible.

Guns, pipes, telephones and an assortment of other pieces are used to add incredible detail to the exterior of the ship - it is stunning to look at.

Even the stickers (which are kept to a minimum) really feel like they add to the experience enlarging the feeling of size within the Millennium Falcon.

Try flying this through tight spaces!

The set comes with seven minifigures. Four are from the original trilogy - Han Solo, Princess Leia, Chewbacca and C-3PO; and three are from the sequel trilogy - Rey, Finn and an older and wiser Han Solo. There’s also a couple of Porgs and BB-8 to keep them company.

There’s very little to fault in this set. The cockpit left me wanting for a little more detail, but with four minifigures sitting in it there is very little room for anything else without increasing the scale of the ship. The LEGO Falcon is already so big, it only just fits through doorways. This isn’t a problem during the early steps when you can manoeuvre the ship on it’s side or upside down (making the appropriate sound effects as you go, naturally), but as you add more and more LEGO and attach more panels it becomes both heavy and more delicate.

The build is split in to 17 numbered sections, each containing between 2 - 5 bags and taking between 1 - 3 hours to complete. The overall build took me around 23 hours to complete. Don’t let the amount of grey bricks put you off, there’s lots of colour and variation here. If you enjoy building LEGO, then building this will be a very good time.

One of the interior sections of the ship.

  • Simply the biggest and best LEGO Star Wars set you can buy.
  • Full of detail and interesting build techniques.
  • You’ll need a large space to store it.
  • Cargo bay and cockpit are a little lacking in detail.



An incredible build



Even your Nan will be impressed



Lots to play with, but due to the level of detail it's a bit delicate when finished



It's expensive, but there is a lot of LEGO here and 24 hours worth of build time


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