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The Infinity Gauntlet is probably the most iconic prop to come from the Marvel Cinematic Universe - a glove covered in gold housing 6 infinity stones and the greatest power in the universe.

In the movies, the gauntlet was fought over as the Avengers tried to undo the damage Thanos’ snap had created five years earlier; and now you can obtain your Infinity Gauntlet with this LEGO version.

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Sporting 153 shiny golden LEGO bricks the LEGO Marvel Infinity Gauntlet catches your eye when on display and the posable fingers mean you can recreate the snap, do a thumbs up… or be ruder. It’s your choice, really.

The glove is displayed on a LEGO built stand

Unfortunately, you cannot wear the glove itself. It’s actually slightly smaller than an adult human hand and the insides are filled with LEGO keeping it all together which is disappointing but not at all surprising. The build itself is very similar to the LEGO Helmet collection where the glove sits on top of a black vertical stand, and as you progress through the instructions you build the glove around the stand.

There’s a lot to like with the Infinity Gauntlet set. The sheer number of gold elements make the build eye catching and the infinity stones add some bright colour (and they are added last so you can pretend you worked hard and travelled the universe to obtain them).

Overall, this is a must for LEGO Marvel fans.

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  • Eye catching gold glove.
  • True to the movies.
  • The gap between the hand and thumb is a little awkward.
  • The little finger isn’t quite right - it lacks a second joint making the first bend slightly longer than the other fingers.



It'll take around 90 minutes to complete



Looks great on your shelf



Posable fingers, endless opportunites



There's lots of gold elements here

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