LEGO Batman Batmobile Tumbler: Scarecrow Showdown Review

Let's get ready to tumble

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On the 1st October, LEGO released the first of two new Tumbler Batmobiles and there has been a lot of buzz from the community about it since. We picked up a copy to see what everyone is raving about.

Housed within an eye-catching box are 4 numbered bags and a single small set of stickers. The box references the Dark Knight Trilogy, which leads me to hope further sets from this film series are released in the coming year.

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The first bag takes you through building the Tumbler’s base using bracketed LEGO pieces to achieve the unusual trapezoid shaped cockpit, and a few Technic pieces to build out the wheel axles.

The second bag adds further detail to the base and rear, and includes the windshields which are angled to make the darkened glass wall of the cockpit.

The third bag adds extra side details and the roof of the Tumbler; whilst bag 4 adds extra detail to the front and contains the chunky wheels we’ve come to expect from this Batmobile.

Overall, you can expect the build to take around an hour and a half to complete.

Two unique minifigures join the Tumbler

The mini-figures in this set are rather special - both coming from Nolan’s Batman Begins movie. The Scarecrow is a unique print and looks as terrifying as you’d expect; whilst Batman comes with a second head so you can create ‘nightmare’ Batman who looks truly terrifying.

As mentioned, this is the first of two Tumblers being released this year - the second will arrive 1st November under LEGO’s new 18+ label.

This version is 422 pieces; closer to minifigure scale and the more affordable option whilst the second will be a larger set with 2,049 pieces.

Although we’ve yet to build the larger model, sometimes bigger isn’t better. With a much cheaper retail price, 2 extra special minifigures and a fun, interesting build it’s very easy to recommend this Tumbler Batmobile for fans of LEGO and Batman alike.

The cockpit of the Tumbler is really interesting to put together

  • Interesting build
  • Lots of detail in a small car
  • 2 great minifigures included



You'll have a lot of fun putting this together



This will look great on display



It's a sturdy build for play, a couple of the rear wheel guards are a little delicate



Great entertainment during build and play, but another minifigure would have been nice.


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