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Back in the 90s, game developers LucasArts were responsible for producing some of the finest adventure games ever made.

The Secret of Monkey Island, Day of the Tentacle and Sam & Max: Hit the Road were just some of the great games to come out of LucasArts' doors. These adventure games, known as point and click adventures, were filled with loved characters, great stories, funny jokes and often lots of beautiful pixel art.

Now imagine if LucasArts still existed, and that they still made point and click adventure games. But, instead of making games based on original ideas or comics they had had to diversify in to making games based on TV shows. Sadly, this isn't the reality but this book explores that very possibility.

Lovingly drawn by Andrew Scaife, 'Point + Click' contains scenes from episodes of TV series such as Lost; Game of Thrones; Firefly; The X-Files; Battlestar Galactica; True Detective and Community recrafted as if they were adventure games from the 1990s.

Each 2 page spread of the 74 page book contains a scene from a particular episode of the TV show complete with LucasArts' famous SCUMM interface. Flicking through the book, it's difficult not to get immersed in the pixelated TV worlds Andrew has created and for true fans of the shows there is the added challenge of both guessing the episode and getting the references to the items in the players' inventory.

Adventuring onboard the Starship Enterprise

Overall, 'Point + Click' is a great book for rekindling memories of both TV shows and LucasArts' adventure games of the past; as well as for enjoying some beautiful pixel art and as a talking point on any gamer's coffee table.

  • Beautiful coffee book
  • At 74 pages for just £12 there's a lot to soak up and enjoy.



A beautiful book and conversation piece



Great value for money


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